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We provide information and facts on CBD, to help you understand what CBD is, its history and how it works.

Our products are offered with quality ingredients and as our research continues we will add further products to our store. Please check back regularly to see what new products have been added.

CBD for the Mind, Body & Soul

We have a range of CBD oils, Topical Balms, Bath Bombs and now our new Vegan CBD Gummy Bears in our Online Shop. We are constantly looking to provide CBD Oil based productst that we believe will enhance the wellbeing of our customers, that are cost effective, and use the best possible quality Organic CBD Oil.

Please keep an eye on our website for more products as they join our portfolio!

The Natural CBD Shop

Information on CBD

If you are new to CBD, or are currently using other CBD products on the market and feel that you are not getting the benefits that others are, then where do you go from here?

There is a sea of information out there relating to news, research, different products, who to buy from and so forth.

So let’s keep it simple. Here are five things to ask yourself before you purchase CBD oil:

It is difficult to know which company to look at for CBD oil as the industry is growing fast and there are now many places selling CBD products. It is helpful to know if you are looking at a product that has not only been lab-tested (by the supplier themselves) but also independently lab tested by a third party  – this gives you added peace of mind.

You will be pleased to know that all our oil is third party lab tested and we are more than happy to send you a copy of the associated report. Just drop us a message and we will email it to you!

We strongly believe that even with all the research and testimonials that can be accessed online these days, your stories are our facts. We have access to medically-researched benefits from CBD oil,  and with our customers sharing their CBD journey on this website, our prospective customers have access to genuine opinions* on the products they are thinking of purchasing as well as the service they receive from The Natural CBD Shop.

We stand with the concept that all feedback is good feedback. We need you to help us to help others, so please do drop us a message with feedback or feel free to fill in our feedback form with details of your journey with us.

*NB: references to specific medical conditions are removed according to current UK regulations

You may have already seen the huge difference in pricing with oil ranging in price from £6 to £58.99 for 10ml and all the same strength. CBD is a very misunderstood compound. What we are doing is taking CBD from the plant in the safest way, then, keeping it as natural as possible, it is mixed with hemp seed oil taken from the same plant.

Here at The Natural CBD Shop we are very keen on allowing you to obtain CBD products at a reasonable price, without compromising on quality or freshness.

  • Hemp seed oil or CBD oil?  There is a big difference. CBD oil will usually show a “mg” or “%” on the bottle for how much CBD it contains. Just be aware you don’t read “Hemp” and just assume it is CBD oil.
  • Organic origin – We have carefully researched the products we offer and the CBD oil from The Natural CBD Shop is certified from seed to final product. We also wanted to ensure that our oil was produced from plants grown outside making sure that entire process was completely natural.
  • Some people use “300mg” some “3%” to describe the amount of CBD in their products. This should be clearly stated on the label of the product. Should you need assistance with this please contact us, we are happy to help (please note we can not provide medical advice with regards to strength, dosage etc).

There are many ways different people extract CBD from the plant and CO2 Extraction is considered one of the safest ways to extract the CBD from the plant. The CBD oil provided by The Natural CBD Shop is C02 extracted meaning it has been processed at high pressure and low temperature to turn the gas into oil, which in turn maintains the terpenes. It is then typically mixed with either hemp seed oil or coconut oil. Our CBD oil is mixed with hemp seed oil.

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