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Cannabidiol (CBD) is known to work with our endocannabinoid system. CBD has been developed into many forms ranging from its natural state known as flowers, oils, sprays, vapes, edibles, beauty products, topicals with a growing list.  We will keep our selection to the natural options. As we grow as well as research evolving our products we will expand..

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Our Current Range of CBD Oil Products

CBD Oils

This is taken orally, a few drops under the tongue held for a minute then swallow. Job done.

Oil can take from a few minutes to a hour to take full effect, with effects last around 2-6 hours. Taking CBD oil is spoken about as the quickest effects this is because it is going directly into our system and gets to work quickly.

CBD Oil 300mg from The Natural CBD Shop

300mg CBD Oil


CBD Oil 500mg from The Natural CBD Shop

500mg CBD Oil


Gummy Bears

Our Vegan Strawberry gummy bears are our latest edition to our CBD family and was brought in to help people who struggled to take the oil owing to physical disabilities or simply do not like its distinctive earthly taste. Each gummy bear contains 3.5 drops of oil, and they simply go in the mouth and are eaten as a normal gummy would.

Due to this been an edible item, it may take a little longer to feel effects (it has to be digested and broken down first) if you can resist chewing it may be helpful in reducing the time to enter the system. I cannot deny, I struggle!

The Natural CBD Shop Vegan CBD Gummy Bears

7 Gummy Bears


The Natural CBD Shop Vegan CBD Gummy Bears

30 Gummy Bears


Topical Balm

This is different to the CBD Oil and Gummy Bears because it doesn’t enter the blood stream. This is a balm and so being topical is directly applied to the area you choose and you can use as much as you like! Gently rub it in, sit back and relax as the balm packed with healing properties gets to work.

Topical CBD Balm


CBD Oil products can help with painful joints

CBD Bath Bombs

Just the thought of a bath with a few candles is enough for me….. What a better way to end or start the day, a nice soak in the bath and again 20 minute soak will give all the natural oils and CBD time to soak into your body allowing you body to relax and be ready for the day ahead or a good nights sleep…..

We have a varied selection on bath bombs because is each one if filled with natural ingredients allowing your body to enjoy the varied benefits they offer. If you cannot decide on one, then we have a mix and match available too..

These CBD bath bombs measure about 8 cm by 3.5cm and are round so are not the smallest bath baths bombs in the world. Our customers’ feedback is that they break the bath bomb up into 2,3 or 4 and use as much as they then require. This means that each bath bomb will give you typically between 3 or 4 baths.

aches and pains CBD aromatherapy bath bomb

Aches & Pains CBD Bath Bomb

£10.00 – £22.00

Anxiety CBD aromatherapy bath bomb from The Natural CBD Shop

Anxiety CBD Bath Bomb

£10.00 – £22.00

immunity boost CBD bath bomb

Immunity Boost CBD Bath Bomb

£10.00 – £22.00

sleep assist CBD bath bomb from The Natural CBD Shop

Sleep Assist CBD Bath Bomb

£10.00 – £22.00

sports recovery CBD bath bomb

Sports Recovery CBD Bath Bomb

£10.00 – £22.00

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We understand that you may have questions about our products and how to use them, and we are always happy for you to contact us and resolve your queries. So please, just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you. We are always happy to help!

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