CBD Gummy Bears

  • The Natural CBD Shop Vegan CBD Gummy Bears
    These pleasant strawberry-tasting, vegan CBD Gummy Bears, contain 5mg of CBD, and as such the recommended dosage is 1 per day. This product is used by placing a gummy bear into your mouth and allowing the gummy to be eaten/dissolved.  
  • During our journey so far we have been very busy behind the scenes like most new businesses. It has become very apparent how people are becoming more aware of CBD as well the vast number of products available on the market. We know different products can work differently for us all and we appreciate how difficult it is to know what good CBD products look like. Here at The Natural CBD Shop we understand how you can spend a fair amount of money trying different CBD products experimenting on which ones work for you and in what form... So what have we done to try and help? We have created a handy Sample Bag which now gives you smaller, sample sizes of our popular CBD Oil, Vegan Gummy Bears and Topical CBD Balm. This is great for customers who are not only new to CBD, and want to try the different items at an affordable price, but the cute oil bottle and balm tin are perfect for popping in your handbag for when you are out and about! The attractive hessian bag contains:
    • Approximately 2ml of 300mg CBD oil (comes in a  small pipette bottle)
    • Approximately 5ml of CBD topical Balm (this comes in a screw tin)
    • 2 gummy bears (These will be wrapped in greaseproof paper.)
    • PLUS A £5 voucher off your next order!