cbd bath bomb

  • Aches & Pains CBD Bath Bomb

    Just got back from a hard workout at the gym? Or just trying to recover from a sports game over weekend? Whatever the problem this blend is the perfect solution. The oils in the Aches & Pains Blend are reputed to assist in reducing muscle pains & stiffness.  
  • Anxiety Relief CBD Bath Bomb from The Natural CBD Shop

    Anxiety CBD Bath Bomb

    If you're struggling to cope with day to day tasks or just finding it difficult to tackle each day as it comes along, this is the blend for you. The combination of oils in the Anxiety Blend are reputed to assist in reducing issues caused by anxiety. Its time to stop dreading life and embrace it.  
  • Immunity Boost CBD Bath Bomb

    The oils in our Immunity Boost are reputed to have strong anti-oxidant properties to re-invigorate the immune system as well as cleansing and detoxing.  
  • Sleep Assist CBD Bath Bomb from The Natural CBD Shop

    Sleep Assist CBD Bath Bomb

    Blended with nature's most relaxing and soothing essential oils, this blend helps you find restful sleep and sweet dreams. Be good to yourself and let this heavenly blend work it's holistic magic on body, mind and spirit.  
  • The Natural CBD Shop Vegan CBD Gummy Bears
    These pleasant strawberry-tasting, vegan CBD Gummy Bears, contain 5mg of CBD, and as such the recommended dosage is 1 per day. This product is used by placing a gummy bear into your mouth and allowing the gummy to be eaten/dissolved.